Expanding and Collapsing Content through CSS Web Programming

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Published: 16th September 2011
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CSS or cascading style sheets is one of the types of presentation semantics of a document that is generally written in a markup language. CSS is widely used to customize the content of a website by styling the HTML elements present in it. CSS Web Designing is a basic method of separating document content from document presentation. The motive of this separation is to improve the content accessibility, control and flexibility as per the required specifications.

This is why CSS web programming proves out to be a much required tool where developers are in need of hiding and showing the same set of content on the same website. There are several ways through which some of the content is hidden in a particular website. These methods include display or non-display of links, expandable or collapsible content, selective display of content, fading effects, and the growing box. The main purpose of using CSS in hiding or showing content is to eliminate the need of JavaScript for the purpose.

Selective display of links includes the case when list of the links is displayed only when ‘show link is selected’. This method is generally used as a fall-back in CSS3 capable browsers that are JavaScript disabled and also for replacing JavaScript with CSS as per the knowledge of CSS Web Developer. In case of expandable/collapsible content the main focus is on attaining brevity on the site. It helps to hide complete piece of information and only the basic heading or introduction is visible until ‘read more’ or ‘show’ button is selected. This helps to save the website space too.

The CSS3 transitions also facilitate fading or slow appearing and disappearing of content. Through CSS Web Programming the ideal time for appearing and disappearing of content can be easily set along with the related properties. Transitioned state of that element or property can also be set with the help of CSS. In the case of growing box, the content in a box can be either made to appear or disappear or to expand or collapse with the help of CSS. This is another way of making content transitions smoother on a website.

Modern websites and applications are more dynamic or versatile, and thus customized content management is very important in it. These features are generally implemented with the help of JavaScript, however when CSS3 is used to style the content, HTML and CSS themselves solve the purpose without the need of JavaScript.

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